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Teri Copley came out of nowhere to storm the television airwaves in a sexy show named "We've Got it Made" (or MAID, depending on who you ask) from 1983. She was an instant star but there were problems on the way, right from the start.

Teri CopleyTeri's "star" vehicle was really a rip-off of a very popular television show named "Three's Company". But instead of having one guy live with two women, it was two guys who hired a sexy blond to be their maid. Both men had girlfriends and the hi-jinx of the guys having a sexy live-in maid was supposed to be irresistible.

Unfortunately, it was very irresistible, especially when the show was changed to leave out the male's girlfriends. The show was really not worth the effort in any case, as the question really was "how can two guys have a sexy girl live with them, work for them, and not have either one having sex with her". After the first year you got bored (sad to say that) waiting for her to choose a fellow.

 Teri went on to work in film and on television through the 1980s, and also worked sporadically during the 1990s. She even did a full nude layout in Playboy Magazine, with hopes that her career would take off more. It did for a bit, but something happened to put a stop to that.

Teri found religion.

In 1990 she had a supernatural" encounter with Jesus. Just about that time, or right before, Teri had worked with Andrew Stevens in the film "Down The Drain" where she did no nudity at all. It was a body double who did the nude shots, which Teri assumed would be fine. No one would believe it was not her.

So Teri got full-on religion. She turned down all scripts that required nudity in film. Her career drifted off into nothing. Then she quit acting entirely and is now working to build her ministry, advance her religious writing career, and also to change the Hollywood machine.


Where is she now: (as of  08/16/2005)
She and her husband started a ministry, had some kids, wrote some books, and have a tent-revival every six months or so in Hollywood. They are trying to change Hollywood for the better. I applaud her efforts, but it most certainly won't happen in her lifetime.

Teri has also written books, like ""A Girl and Her God", which detail her thoughts, dreams, struggles, and her eventual salvation.

Update: 07/01/2008:

Teri is still working with her ministry, still going strong, and is still doing charity work. She lets me know from time to time how she is doing. :)



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