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Stacey Nelkin


Stacey Nelkin was a total babe in no uncertain terms. She was one of those few females out there who is beautiful, sexy, built like a brick house, and cute too. That is the type of woman that can melt your heart when you see her... as well as the elastic in your underwear.

Stacey Nelkin ruined a lot of my underwear.

I am not going to go deep into Stacey's filmography here. There is simply no reason to. Stacey will always be known for a very few things in her professional career. One is that the Woody Allen movie Manhattan is roughly based on Woody's relationship with a very young and very ambitious Stacey Nelkin.

One of the other things that she will always be remembered for, at least for the rest of my life, is her role in Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Stacey looked so very stunning and sexy (and cute too!) in that film that any man who likes women, upon seeing her, immediately gave (and felt) notice.

Stacey did some very quick but noticeable nudity in Halloween III, that in this day and age of DVDs and zoom and slow-mo (thank the heavens!), is much longer and better today than it was when one was sitting in a movie theater, sitting there desperately trying to hold up underwear that had lost its elastic properties.



So lovely! But a thing did bug me. It was the love scene in the movie. That guy... that actor... Tom Atkins... it didn't look right him having a love scene with such a sexy young girl. Of course, Tom Atkins got to get busy with lots of lovely young girls in lots of films over years. Jamie Lee Curtis was one of them, in The Fog. That didn't look right to me either.

Eh! I was just jealous of him. Still am. ;P

The other thing that Stacey will always be remembered for is her role as the Princess in Yellowbeard. She looked great in that film. Great! She had long hair, wore that long white dress, had that shapely shape, and her breasts were those kind of breasts that made you remember your mother.

Ummm. No. That's not what I meant. No. Ummm. Forget that.


Where is she now? (10/30/09):

Stacey took some time off to be a mother (kids ages are: 10, 8, and 5). She's still an actress -  in New York.

Stacey did a film short entitled "Breaking Pattern" in 2008. This was her first on-screen appearance since 1996.

She also dropped me a line recently to let me know that she read my commentary about her and was not offended. She also wrote:

"I would like to correct one point you made  --  that I was a "very  ambitious young actress " -- Had I been more ambitious as an actress, I never would have broken up with a certain writer/director who could have, perhaps, made me the well known and in demand actress I always wished to become ... I could have been starring in his films, as  did every other actress with whom he had a relationship.... Oh, well -- c'est la vie".

"Keep writing and giving us cougar/actresses the ego boosts we now need !!



 Made my day, Darlin'. Made my day. :)



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