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Monique Gabrielle was once one of the most beautiful and sexy women on the planet. She was, once. I can't tell you what a unique experience it was to see her for the first time, to see her nude that first time, and to be in a movie theater unable to, umm, express that emotion.

Monique in her primeI first saw her, or first really noticed her in Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks. She blazed onto the screen in a very short scene and said "Make love to me, please." That was enough for me! Oh my! That was more than enough for me. I had no idea that Monique had been working for years, doing nude scenes for years, and had other names she went by. If only I had known! So many years wasted on Playboy. So many, umm. years.

After seeing her in Bachelor Party I made a point to see any and everything she ever did. Most of the movies were not worth the money it took to produce them, but seeing Monique was more than enough for me.

Monique is one of those women who can look great with any hair color, but as a blond, oh she was just it and it and it! Seeing her in Emmanuelle 5 was a religious experience for me. I knew then for the first time that there was indeed a God... and that he had a pretty cruel sense of humor. I mean, to make women like THAT and not set the rules so that they were available to me? Oh! Cruel indeed.


One day a few years ago I was surfing the Internet when I came across a site that claimed that Monique had done a real XXX movie. I was instantly interested! I did my darned best to find a clip of that movie (for free, of course) and I DID find it. It was disappointing to say the least.

Monique had aged. Life is that way, for people do age. We so hope that our most beautiful ones will not, yet they do, and sometimes they do cruelly (for us). Monique had aged a bit, her body was much heavier, and her skin was not that taut and glowing young skin of her younger days. The "sex" scenes were disappointing too. She bumbled and stumbled through them, she hesitated, she pecked, she lounged. You never want to see a screen sex Goddess really have sex... because they can never live up to your fantasy.

At least, not to mine.

It is not her fault that she can not live up to my expectations. It really isn't. Fantasy is great... and reality is seldom as good as it.

Where is she now (01/01/2009):

Her last "film" project appears to be "Planet of the Erotic Ape" (2002), a direct-to-video spoof thingee. I did not see it. In 2003 she got married to some porno director, or at least soft-core guy, and that's all I know about that.

Her name is directed to a porno movie production website (here) where she is not currently active (as a publisher and/or a porn actress) as far as I can tell. Her last commentary entry on the open pages dates back to 2003. I am surprised that they don't at least pretend to update as her, but they don't. That proves a point made by many that porn production people are rather stupid... and often unjustly enriched.

I have come to understand from (too much time) researching it that Monique has in fact retired to Florida where is she is living happily with her husband.



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