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Clio Goldsmith was not a Hollywood star, she was in fact a French actress. She was famous here and there, and all over the world, because she was simply the sexiest woman on the planet during her brief years in the acting business. We men in America got our first glimpse of her perfection thanks to Cable TV.

ClioCable TV became much more accessible to the average American household in the early 1980’s. Back then cable networks were always looking for new things to put on our television screens to kepe our interest and to grow their customer base. American-made movies with soft-core porn (What we called it; The French called it “life”) were few and far between. Late night TV became the home of foreign films and foreign erotica. Leading the pack of late night fantasy was the amazingly beautiful and sexy Clio Goldsmith.

Clio made only a few films in her career, but my oh my what films they were! These were films that had plots, had purpose, and had actual dialog and acting. There was nudity too, and what nudity it was! Beautiful and lovely nudity; Natural beauty, natural nudity, not the crap we see today with over-made-up, silicone filled, body-painted, boils all over the butt, bleached and barbecued bimbos. No, late night Cable TV these days is not the late night cable of the 1980’s.  I do miss the days when women looked like women… not like Pam Anderson.

My favorite Clio Goldsmith movies, which I have on VHS, are La Cicala (The Cricket) and Miele di Donna (Honey). The second one is the best one for me because Clio runs around that movie fully nude. I remember the time when a girlfriend of mine put in the tape of Honey one boring summer night, we sitting on the couch together, me sighing a long sigh during one of Clio’s best scenes, and that girlfriend pulling away from me. She did not speak to me the rest of the night and by the end of the week she had ended our relationship. Her opinion was that if that is what I wanted, I’d better just damned well go and get it.


If I could’a, I would’a.

Don’t get me wrong, it was not all about the nudity to me. Clio Goldsmith was a good actress, she was also a lovely woman, naturally lovely in the way that few women are, a woman who looks good with or without make-up, and who could melt you with a look. A lot of women today can give you a look that makes you hard, but so few can turn you to putty by the simple use of a small smile. Clio could always do that to me.

Clio left acting for two reasons, one of which was that she was being stalked, seriously and dangerous stalked, by an admirer of hers. The other reason was due to a very messy divorce.


Where is she now (01/03/2009):

Here is a recent photo of her:
Taj Mahal Hotel on November 1, 2008
in Mumbai (Bombay), India:

Clio in 2008


Since 1990 she has been married to British author Mark Shand, the brother of Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall. Clio is active in society circles and is involved with many charitable concerns.



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