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Athena crawlingIf the above photo doesn't do it for you then you might as well stop reading this now because we are not going to agree on a lot of things. For me, for many years, Athena Massey is one of my "it" girls. Of course I am older than some of you know, and am younger than some of you think. In either case I will admit that I have always had more than one "it" girl in my life at any given moment. Athena is one, so was Natalie Wood, and Stacey Dash, and a whole lot of others. My "it" has as many different layers as does my "id" - And if you don't know what I am talking about then please do go back to school, for your education has been sorely neglected.

I first noticed Athena Massey in the film Virtual Combat starring Don "The Dragon" Wilson. I had not planned on watching the entire film, I was simply killing time waiting for pizza to arrive, but once Athena came onto my television screen my plans changed. I did indeed watch the entire film. When that woman arrived it was much better than when the pizza arrived... and I was extremely hungry that night.

Beautiful? Yes! Sexy? Yes! Sweet? Don't you doubt it! Naked? Yes, for a little bit, but not that I noticed it that much at that time, which is odd for me. No, it was HER that got my attention, the entire package. I was dazzled!

Athena MasseyAthena is most famous (now) for her role in Undercover Heat, a nudity filled cop-thriller of little dramatic importance. It could have been, should have been, a much better film but the way it turned out was very much how it was in B-movies in the mid-1990's. It is filled with passionless performances, a much overused plot line, and is sustained only and all by the nudity in the film. I supposed that I should not complain about that, but I can complain that the camera-work didn't linger long enough on certain scenes for me to fully appreciate those scenes.


Really though, I love film more than I love nudity in film, or at least just as much. It bothers me when the nudity is more important than the overall. I know for a fact that Athena Massey and the other performers in Undercover Heat wanted and expected a better end-product than what was distributed after edit. Athena never did such a massive level of nudity again in her career after this experience.

Some of you will remember Athena from small television roles on Seinfeld, The Larry Sanders Show, and Star Trek: Voyager. You probably have also seen her in larger roles on Nash Bridges and Black Scorpion. Athena did very well on the small screen, yet that small-screen success did not stop her from continuing her big screen career at all. She made more movies, some going to screen while a few others went straight to video, and kept truckin' on in the entertainment business, moving forward in an industry that would have been more than happy to have her do nothing but HBO late night bimbo flicks. She did not go that route.

Athena Massey is also famous for being featured in video games.

Quarterback Attack
Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2
Command and Conquer: Yuri's Revenge

These are the ones I know of.


Where is she now: (02/02/2009)

Athena married real estate mogul Tony Azzi in 2001.They now have two daughters, Davina and Gianna.

In 2005 2-year-old Gianna fell 15-feet off of stair railing. The hellish ordeal the parents had to go through, the child dying, being brought back, surviving in a coma, and then coming out of it with brain damage, is something most of us can't even begin to comprehend. My heart goes out to them.

Athena remains active in her community. As for her coming back to acting any time soon, I personally don't see that. She has a lot on her plate with her family. But we can hope! Oh yes, we can hope.



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