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Square Pegs

Square Pegs.

That's the show the really launched the careers of Sarah Jessica Parker, Traci Nelson, and Jami Gertz. That's not to say that these very well known (now!) actresses didn't have careers before Square Pegs. Some of them did, but were they known to a whole generation? No, not yet. This was the show that did it for them all. All of them... except the best of them all: Amy Linker.

Amy Linker had the hardest job, having to wear fake braces, glasses, and a fat suit, while the other girls had to burden under nothing so severe. Amy was the "Ugly Betty" of her day. But she did it, did it well, and did it believably. She was the talent of the show. Sarah Jessica was a good accomplice, Traci Nelson had the boobs, and Jami Gertz had the snobby looks and attitude. Later on in like it was Jami who "had the boobs", and, still does - At least every time I change the channel to check. ;)

All of these young starlets went on to continued careers after the short run of Square Pegs. Amy herself continued on with television and moved onto movies. Then, suddenly, she was gone.

Despite her short career in comparison to the others it is Amy who is still considered to be one of the top child stars, ever. That has to be coming out of the memory of that generation of Square Pegs watchers. Certainly there have been bigger and better child stars than Amy Linker... but we all do tend to remember our blue blankets from childhood. Amy was one of our comfortable memories, a sweet blue blanket, on a very short lived television show. .

Amy finished school, has worked in Internet marketing, and in other jobs over the years. At last check she had settled in as a second grade school teacher. That doesn't explain why she isn't acting any more. It isn't like she doesn't have the talent or the look. She has the look. Oh, yes! She does.



 If this isn't good enough for Hollywood... nothing is.

And for the record, I don't remember any of my teachers looking that good. Ever.



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